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 We are a hangout podcast that talks about the growing stupidity in the world.

Warning: This show is not for the easily offended.

May 27, 2016

In this Episode John and Deuce discuss:

Middle English speak and how it ruins John's TV watching experience.

A "Back in the Day at WDBK" story of John handling a Pirate Radio Mutiny

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. John & Deuce want to make that their 1st vegas stop.

Because of a tweet


May 19, 2016

In this Episode John and Deuce discuss:

John showed his nephew how to quit a job

John will be a guest on the Three is Comedy Podcast

RIP Guy who wrote the Mr. Softee jingle

Yoko Ono says she and Hillary had a thing going on in the 70's

Fining a bully's parents, is this a good idea?

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May 11, 2016

In this episode:

  • John embraces his inner grumpiness old man style.
  • John talks about how he is wielding the Twitter hammer to get attention
  • John tried to drag Deuce kicking and scratching into the Social Media Arena.
  • Deuce tells the story about a guy he works with has a horrible auto correct story.

Podcast Promo: Three...

May 4, 2016

Welcome to the inaugural episode! Although this show was originally done in 1987. Before there was a podcast.

In this episode we talk about the origins of the Brand X Podcast.

Deuce's father Genghis John stories.

How it took a few hours for Sesame Street to slap Mately a online STD testing site with a cease and desist...