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 We are a hangout podcast that talks about the growing stupidity in the world.

Warning: This show is not for the easily offended.

Dec 21, 2023

John Jamingo and Deuce Welcome “The Duchess” and “The Jimmy” to the Podcast Dungeon Studio. The gang dives into a wide array of conversations ranging from gambling experiences in casinos to reminiscing about classic TV shows, sharing personal anecdotes and engaging in light-hearted banter. The podcast episode is filled with humorous exchanges, quirky tangents, and insightful discussions.

Deuce introduces Jamingo Bingo! A game based on Jamingo's crutch words. The winning card is below, but who won?

The hosts recount their experiences with gambling, sharing stories of winning big and losing it all, gaining complimentary hotel rooms and meals, and participating in fantasy football leagues. They also delve into casual conversations about topics such as strip poker, presidential elections, TV series, and notable figures like Elon Musk and Buzz Aldrin.

The episode features lighthearted banter, including discussions about gifts exchanged during the holiday season, and playful disagreements between the hosts. Additionally, they explore topics like paintball games, stock market tips, and memories of their experiences with minivans and Happy Meals.

The conversation takes unexpected turns, covering diverse subjects such as health food and nicotine, while also touching on topics like mafia presence in Atlantic City during the 1980s and their experiences with working in various casinos.

Throughout the episode, the hosts display a genuine camaraderie, exchanging jokes and sharing personal stories. Their engaging and playful dynamic creates an entertaining and entertainingly unpredictable podcast episode that leaves the listener feeling like they've eavesdropped on a lively, amusing conversation among good friends.

00:00 Extra boards for Jimmy and Diane unused.

11:37 Son's constant chewing prompts offer of snacks.

16:51 Illness led to ordering and consuming Jack.

19:24 Fond memories of Johnny Carson and Jackie Gleason.

24:43 Amazing Don; ties to Deuce from school.

32:06 Rod Serling produced an eerie and spooky Night Gallery.

33:47 An Explosive season finale leaves the main character's fate uncertain.

38:33 Mafia members played softball in South Philly.

44:51 In 2006, playing poker in Atlantic City.

52:15 Trump's election opened my eyes to reality.

54:39 Approach gently; the Obama movie's working for you.

01:00:41 Oath, affirmation, and the promise of abundance.

01:06:56 Rumors about Elon Musk and Project Omega.

01:13:50 Jerry thinks he's an imaginary character.

01:20:16 Paintballing with Joe, John, and cousin in the ravine.

01:24:34 Failed shot leads to successful strategy vindication.

01:29:09 Chrysler introduced innovative Stow and Go seating.

01:32:48 Backup would have played better, the coach lacks strategy.

01:41:16 Found funny item to share with John.

01:47:09 Left player in, distracted, couldn't change. Bench weak.

01:54:42 Anticipating his return, ready to discuss podcasting.

01:55:18 Lisa dominating in Boomer Bunkers Fantasy Football.