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 We are a hangout podcast that talks about the growing stupidity in the world.

Warning: This show is not for the easily offended.

Oct 14, 2023

In this episode titled "John and Deuce Talk Politics" on the Brand X Podcast, hosts Deuce and John Jamingo delve into various political topics and share their opinions and observations. They discuss their presence on Discord, a platform they describe as a Facebook-like space without censorship, and encourage listeners to join their Discord server by using the invite link in the show notes. They also mention their availability on Twitter and through email.

Throughout the episode, the hosts express their criticism of a certain individual for not taking a particular action, suggesting that this inaction has led to the current situation regarding the COVID jab. They argue that if an alternative treatment for the issue had been available, emergency use authorization for the jab wouldn't have been granted. They imply that the person they are discussing backed down and started promoting the jab instead, cautioning that negative consequences associated with the jab could be used against them.

The hosts believe that there are hidden motivations behind the push to administer the jab to as many people as possible and share their distrust of Democrats and Communists. They also speculate about the physical capabilities of the current president, referencing incidents in Vietnam where he struggled with using a microphone and appeared disoriented on stage.

Deuce, who sometimes avoids political discussions, joins in this episode, showing an interest in talking about politics. The episode is split into two parts, with the first part focusing on politics and Republican candidates while the second episode covers different topics. The hosts emphasize their reliance on hard data to make decisions and discuss the challenges of having 50 states with varying approaches to the COVID situation. They commend Governor DeSantis for choosing a similar approach to that of Sweden.

They address criticisms directed at Donald Trump, acknowledging his mistakes but disagreeing with some of the backlash he received. The hosts recount a situation where someone was forcefully removed and fired for not upholding the Constitution, and they reference discussions by Megan Kelly, Glenn Beck, and Alan Dershowitz about Joe Biden and ongoing impeachment proceedings.

Amidst their political discussions, the hosts express their desire for a long and happy life for themselves, their children, and others. They mention Tim Scott and suggest that he should openly admit his homosexuality, asking to speak to his girlfriend in Canada. They praise Donald Trump for his accomplishments and assert that he was tricked into fast-tracking the COVID jab, suggesting that he could have promoted alternative treatments instead.

In an unexpected tangent, the hosts share an anecdote about a situation involving eating a banana that did not belong to them, highlighting the importance of not taking what isn't theirs. They also delve into topics like the opening of the country's borders and the perception that the Democratic Party historically needs a permanent underdog, particularly the black population.

Ultimately, while critical of certain individuals and political parties, the hosts acknowledge that mistakes can be made by anyone. They express frustration with biased discussions, desire more open debates, and question the media's coverage of COVID deaths, arguing for a broader perspective on causes of mortality during this time.