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 We are a hangout podcast that talks about the growing stupidity in the world.

Warning: This show is not for the easily offended.

May 4, 2024

Welcome to episode 125 of the Brand X Podcast, where your favorite trio, Joe, Deuce, and John dive deep into a mix of serious topics and light-hearted banter, marking another memorable chapter in our ongoing dialogue.

From discussing the nuanced dynamics of gambling and skill games like poker to addressing the...

Mar 9, 2024

In this episode of the Brand X Podcast, hosts Deuce, John Jamingo, and Joe, with guest Mark, delve deep into the deceptive escapades of Mark and Deuce's former boss Herb. From corporate scams to personal betrayals, they unpack wild tales of manipulation and deceit that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.


Feb 10, 2024

Welcome back to the Brand X Podcast—your uncensored dive into discussions that push the envelope and ignite important conversations. In Episode 123, "Getting The Band Back Together," Deuce, Joe, and John open up about the shadowy parts of family histories and how they relate to today’s dialogue on race...

Jan 17, 2024

In this episode of the Brand X Podcast titled "Back Then" hosts Deuce and John, engage in a wide-ranging discussion covering a diverse array of topics, from political commentary to nostalgic reminiscences.

The episode features the hosts delving into their opinions on political figures such as Nikki Haley and...