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 We are a hangout podcast that talks about the growing stupidity in the world.

Warning: This show is not for the easily offended.

Oct 8, 2022

Disclaimer: This is a long episode, but you don’t have to listen all at once. We only record once a month, make it last.

This episode starts out with Deuce reveling in the fact that on the Boomer Bunker podcast John admitted that Deuce was correct in his views about politics. John has seen the light!

John was wrong once again when he mistakenly referred to Velma from Scooby-Doo as Thelma. But Hollywood must gay up everything they release lately and 82% of straight people are not interested in watching. This makes the LGBTQ+ community furious! 

Billy Eichner’s movie “Bros” opening was lackluster and it was because heterosexual people won’t come to see it due to homophobia. It’s not enough to accept the LGBTQ+ community heterosexuals must celebrate it! Well, that’s a hard no.

Line up Super Models, Tom Brady seems to be back on the Market!

Hurricane Ian tore through Flordia and the Mainstream Media is ignoring it because Governor Ron Desantis must be doing a good job why spotlight that?

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