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 We are a hangout podcast that talks about the growing stupidity in the world.

Warning: This show is not for the easily offended.

May 4, 2024

Welcome to episode 125 of the Brand X Podcast, where your favorite trio, Joe, Deuce, and John dive deep into a mix of serious topics and light-hearted banter, marking another memorable chapter in our ongoing dialogue.

From discussing the nuanced dynamics of gambling and skill games like poker to addressing the controversial topics around protests and immigration, this episode is packed with nuanced takes and bold opinions.

Expect a blend of humor, candid stories, and a bit of controversy as we navigate through topics that touch upon societal pressures, personal freedoms, and the essence of modern conflicts.

Celebrating our 8th anniversary of the podcast, we bring you discussions that are as engaging as they are provocative.

Here’s what we cover:

- A spirited debate on whether poker is a game of skill or just another form of gambling.

- Critical opinions on the effectiveness and moral stance of protests at college campuses.

- The ongoing discussion about online privacy, data concerns, and the influence of foreign powers in technology.

- Personal anecdotes and humorous insights into culture, dating, and the "soft guy era."

- A reflection on our podcast journey, favorite episodes, and what our listeners love about the Brand X discourse.

00:00 Starting the ninth year of Brand X

05:56 Archbishop tells story, woman dies on Easter.

13:40 Conceited guy makes unfavorable impression, disappoints further.

22:04 Ate Taco Bell, took laxatives, had gas.

23:38 AI version of The Simpsons in Springfield.

32:25 Seeking clarification on expectations and resources available.

38:13 Simone Biles' husband made her pay bills.

43:40 Reconsider giving it away for free.

45:53 Banning of TikTok and online poker frustration.

50:36 Debate: Is poker gambling?

58:15 Wednesday nights at Atlantic City poker game.

01:00:33 Customized content on platforms redefines user experience.

01:08:21 Concerned about enjoyment and fulfillment on dates.

01:14:06 Discovering evidence of foreign exchange agitators on campus.

01:19:14 Discussion with daughter on Israel's actions summarized.

01:23:50 Controversial wedding pictures of two-headed woman.

01:29:12 Be kind to those with gender dysphoria.

01:32:53 Disdain for outdated beliefs and mental illness.

01:39:01 Kelly Ripa stood up, left college, found success.