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 We are a hangout podcast that talks about the growing stupidity in the world.

Warning: This show is not for the easily offended.

Sep 14, 2022

Do we rely on our phones too much? Is the phone the new door bell?

Is the tyranny of the minority overrunning common sense? When it comes to standing for core American values should we punish the cowards?

What is this all about? Well just push that play button and find out.

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Aug 17, 2022

  • John and Deuce didn’t hit the billion-dollar Mega Millions Jackpot. 
  • An 80-year-old store owner shoots a robber before he can say “Put Your Hands Up!” But the wounded robber did scream, “He Shot My Arm Off!!!” All the way to the hospital, where he was arrested.
  • Uncool Things Boomers do - How many of these...

Jul 10, 2022

The Large Hadron Collider was activated the day of this recording July 5th, 2022. John thinks this has shot him into another dimension which is Hell. He is losing to 12-year-olds playing PokerStars VR Poker on the River as a big favorite. Plus he is podcasting with Dave from Rubberneckers.

We also talk about seeing Jaws...

Jun 11, 2022

In this episode, we go back to our roots. The pizza parlor wasn’t interested in us recording in their establishment. Understandable, so we move to plan B. We recorded via the interwebs.

  • We get the results of Deuce’s stress test.
  • John tries to sell Deuce on the Metaverse
  • A big woke battle rages at the...

May 11, 2022

On August 20, 2018, John and Deuce published episode 102. 1,361 days later they published episode 103. John and Deuce ease into episode 103 like a hot bath. Find out what happened, and what’s been going on with Deuce. And where the show will be going in the future.

For anyone who is still subscribed to this podcast,...